Edinburgh Little League Baseball

Youth Baseball for Under 16 year olds in Edinburgh, Scotland...

About Us...

The Edinburgh Little League is Scotland's oldest and most successful junior baseball club, run by volunteers all focused on delivering the best baseball experience for children aged between 4 and 16 years of age. The club, formed in 1991, was instrumental in the establishment of Scotland's first junior league in 1995 and went on to win this inaugural competition.

The league currently operates a junior 'Major' league, an all-star travel team and a tee-ball programme and the focus is on growing our playing staff to allow four teams to play each week. All equipment and uniforms are provided to give participants the authentic 'Big League' look and feel!

The league is part of the Edinburgh Diamond Devils baseball club, the country's biggest baseball club with roots back to the 1930's. The Diamond Devils club operates three adult teams that compete in the Scottish National League and has a rich history of success including participation at the highest level of European and international baseball.

To find out more about Edinburgh's three adult teams, following the links below:

Edinburgh Devils - www.diamonddevils.com

Edinburgh Cannons -  www.edinburghcannons.webs.com/

Edinburgh Giants -  www.edinburghgiants.webs.com/

Baseball in Scotland is run by Baseball Scotland, a governing group made up of all the member clubs in Scotland. Baseball Scotland manages the sport across the country arranging player, coach and public liability insurance, league schedules, promotion and marketing, coaching development, tournaments, sponsorship and the Scotland National Team programme.

Further details on Baseball Scotland can be found here: www.baseballscotland.com 

Our aims...

Our aim is to provide our players with a fun and enjoyable environment from which to grow and nurture their baseball skills. Competition is secondary to participation and many of our league rules are designed to maximise player exposure to the game, ensuring that everyone gets equal opportunity.

The chart below outlines the structure of baseball in Edinburgh illustrating how players can progress as age and ability allows. The Cardinals and Dodgers are the two current in-house 'Major Division' league teams whilst the Little Devils is the all-star team that we select to play matches outwith the club structure against other teams. Our Tee-ball programme is designed to support younger players in learning the sport before they begin integrating in to the Major division activities, helping build up their fundamentals and knowledge of the sport before progressing to the next level.

Once players reach 14 years of age, they are then eligible to progress up to play in the adult leagues but this will be predicated on ability and size and is not a mandatory criteria. The player's health and safety will remain of paramount importance at this stage and will take priority in any decision.

Coaching Staff

The league is managed by several volunteer coaches with many years of experience in the sport, both in Scotland and abroad.

Nick Clark -

Nick has been involved in the Edinburgh baseball club for over 20 years as a player, coach and manager. A former GB and Scotland international team member, he established the junior team back in 1991. His coaching experience includes 13 years as coach of the Diamond Devils senior team, 8 years as Scotland national senior team manager and 5 years coaching on the junior national team. He also served as a coach for Swarthmore College in the USA in 2007. He's an avid Toronto Blue Jays fan.

Neil Simpson -

Neil has experience of youth baseball coaching form the USA and brings a wealth of knowledge to our programme. 

Gordon Dean -

Gordon is a familiar face in the Scottish baseball community having been involved in the sport for over 30 years. He has been a coach with the club's juniors for over 10 years having previously established the successful Kirkcaldy baseball club. He is the club's school development officer and he has also previously been the Scotland national senior team manager.