Edinburgh Little League Baseball

Youth Baseball for Under 16 year olds in Edinburgh, Scotland...

Edinburgh Little League - Major Division

Edinburgh Little League's primary level of play for youth players is our 'Major' league, aimed for those aged 7 or older. League games are played each week throughout the season between our Dodgers and Cardinals club teams. Play is governed by full Little League rules and league games are played over 6 innings. Further details on the difference between adult and youth baseball and the League's rules that govern regular season play can be found here

In addition to the regular season league play, we also stage our Super Series, an end-of-season tournament between the Dodgers and Cardinals to provide a fitting end to the competitive year. This competition is governed by Little League competition rules, details of which can be found here.

Beyond the local Little League play, we have our tournament all-star and travel team - the 'Little Devils' - that draws from the club's best players to represent the league in matches against other ballclubs, tournaments etc. both home and away.