Edinburgh Little League Baseball

Youth Baseball for Under 16 year olds in Edinburgh, Scotland...


For parents, nothing is more important than your children and their safety and the Edinburgh Little League takes this matter just as seriously....indeed, our own kids play too!

We endeavour to ensure that the club's playing and training environment is as safe as possible and undertake a number of precautions including:

- Full player and coach public liability and insurance cover through Baseball Scotland - details available upon request.
- Safe and proper equipment which is checked regularly for defects and replaced as necessary.
- Adult supervision at all times, especially whilst batting and during use of the pitching machine.
- Only high-visibility soft foam pitching machine balls are used.

- Only coaches control the pitching machine.
- Soft training baseballs used during certain drills.
- High-visibility 'day-glo' green balls or regulation leather/synthetic balls used in games.
- Double 'safety' first base used to avoid ankle sprains and trips whilst running the bases and collisions.
- Full first aid kit and ice packs on hand at all times.
- Detailed emergency contact details on hand at all times.
- Minimum of two adults on site at all times.
- Disclosure Scotland registration and certification for all coaches.
- Detailed risk assessments maintained at all times.

Registering your child to play is simple - all we ask is that all parents and guardians of children interested in joining the club complete our registration form and return it to one of our coaches (along with the necessary payment). This can also be done online as well. Personal details are kept on file only for insurance, internal communication and emergency contact purposes.

The registration pack can be downloaded here (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software)

We are delighted when parents and guardians of participants volunteer to assist with the club and its activities. This can include helping out at training, circulating club flyers at school or just being on hand to shout encouragement to all the kids. Your assistance in making the kids' time at baseball fun is always much appreciated!